Patrick Shin - Nan Inc Founder

Patrick Shin And His Success As A Nan Inc Owner!

Patrick Shin

There are a very few construction firms in Hawaii that have managed an early success and Hawaii construction management of Patrick Shin is one such example. He’s the Nan Inc Owner, a young company of 26 years that has already delivered 2,600 successful projects in the fields of general contracting, design-build, and pre-construction. As a result of company’s outstanding performance in such a short span, today Nan Inc stands on No.2 in the list of top 25 contractors of Hawaii in the Building Industry Magazine.

A company that was started single-handedly by Patrick Shin is now a full-fledged workplace of 500 employees, who are working hard to bring it on No.1 someday. They have the best team, high-end technical expertise, and rich resources, which are helping them to realize the dreams of others. Today, Hawaii has witnessed some major changes that are contributing towards its bright future and the credit for all this goes to the Nan Inc Owner and his highly experienced and technically sound Hawaii construction management. The company has delivered many complex projects with so much professionalism and accuracy that it has been awarded many awards and certificates for its brilliant teamwork and advanced technical knowledge.

Known as the leading performer in construction management, Patrick Shin’s Nan Inc has a wealth experience in handling multi-million-dollar projects simultaneously. This Hawaii construction management has known to manage over 30 indefinite-quantity projects, which demanded quality with precision, high level of management experience, and an exceptional performance. And, everything was handled very well as per the customer satisfaction. The Nan Inc Owner’s construction portfolio comprises of everything from historic renovations to modern upgrades to new constructions followed by multi-purpose facilities and single-family homes. The best part about this Hawaii construction management is they have all the resources and can successfully deliver any type of project as per any given schedule within any budget with utmost care to quality and workmanship.

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The Nan Inc owner and his team have worked closely with architects and design consultants in their initial years, which has not only made them technically sound but has also helped them to develop professional partnerships with popular design firms in Hawaii. All of this has contributed in giving them a necessary expertise in the design-build field and helped them to rise as top-notch design-build experts of Hawaii. Today, they have known to delivered many successful design-build projects and have bagged a lot of appreciation and awards for the same.

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Well, the Nan Inc Owner, Patrick Shin is not just a Hawaii building contractor but also a humble philanthropist, who makes every possible effort to serve the community and donates some part of his success to help them. He’s been supporting many organizations, orphanages, schools, and hospitals, and many charity events for the welfare of the poor and the needy. He believes in giving back to the community with an aim to make a better world, the one filled with Aloha.

All this shows that Patrick Shin is not only a businessman but a selfless human being.